of an american
...i'm still a little nervous as i walk up to the front of the recovery group for the first time and hesitantly complete my 'first step':

"hi. my name is paul and i'm an...
...american christian."

...actually, i now officially refer to myself as a 'recovering' american christian...

this web site is an introduction to the 'confessions of an american christian' workshop, which is all about:
  • how more and more of us have unplugged ourselves (and how YOU can) from what we now refer to as
the american christian matrix,
  • how we found what we'd been missing, and
  • the amazing things that are happening on a regular basis to, around, and through people who have dared to 'unplug' themselves and are now living, truly living a FEARLESS, exciting, overflowing LIFE...
...outside the matrix.

NOTICE - this site (like our lives) will always be "under construction";
but please bear with us as we're just starting out here...

take the red one

  unplug yourself
free your mind   

    start your journey

...end the regrets.

© 2007-2013 Paul Andrews
...for him who
has ears
to hear...
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...more vapid, irrelevant drivel (courtesy of 'People' magazine.)               enjoy.
...a workshop for anyone  brave enough
to honestly face the REAL
"inconvenient truth"...
...a workshop for anyone brave enough
to honestly face the REAL
"inconvenient truth"...

the choice is simple,
and the choice is yours:

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