wanna help? WE NEED YOU!
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Below are the 'functions' we need for the 'shop;
if you can fulfill more than one, that helps!

Note - POSITIVE, HELPFUL ATTITUDE is more important to us than 'experience'.
"Amateur" level helpers are encouraged to apply.

  • Videographer (!) - needed IMMEDIATELYto help shoot & edit various interviews, performances, promo's in advance of first workshop

  • Bass player

  • Drummer

  • "Facilitators" - to help get people registered, seated, handle name tags, distribute materials, etc. No "special" skills are needed for these functions beyond a helpful attitude and quick thinking.

  • Sound tech.

  • Lighting tech.

  • Actors, dancers, vocalists (male & female, any age)



  • Availability:
    Performers: 1-2 practices / week, initially for 4 weeks before first 'shop, less frequently thereafter.
    Tech & Facilitators: 2 meetings / rehearsals before first workshop date, less frequently thereafter.

  • Transportation:
    You'll need to provide your own (or arrange for) transportation to/from rehearsals/meetings - somewhere in the Simi Valley / Thousand Oaks area. (TBD) 


...if you can help in one or more of the above areas, then CALL PAUL AT 805-796-1668 (Ground Support) between the hours of 8 A.M. and 11 P.M. (Pacific time).

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...for him who
has ears
to hear...
...a workshop for anyone  brave enough
to honestly face the REAL
"inconvenient truth"...
...a workshop for anyone brave enough
to honestly face the REAL
"inconvenient truth"...
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wanna help? WE NEED YOU!