So, what IS this 'workshop' thing -
and what's it all about?

...a workshop for anyone
brave enough
to honestly face the REAL
"inconvenient truth"...
So, what IS this 'workshop' thing -
and what's it all about?
of an american

...for him who
has ears
to hear...
* Or alas, you will have  specifically chosen NOT to...
The 'confessions' workshop IS an immersive series of...
  • questions & discussions (participatory conversations)
  • presentations (drama, comedy, music, videos and interviews)
  • assignments (some done individually and some done in pairs or groups)
...that lead us back almost 2000 years to gain a REAL understanding of the few,
simple(!)  things Jesus and his disciples DID - and how they work together and can actually make our lives more powerful, productive, exciting AND less stressful - starting TODAY!  :-)

This process reveals the immense tangle of habits, beliefs and (unwittingly) self-imposed limitations that most of us have come to believe are inevitable and unavoidable - and that have kept us from...
  • being effective in understanding and completely participating in our true purpose (which we believe is of course God's purpose as well)
  • experiencing amazing, exciting, abundant life.  


Our promise to you is that...
IF you DO this simple work,
you will enter the workshop with your current life...
and you will leave with the amazing, exciting life
that God designed you for!


"confessions of an
american christian"

specifically consists of...


Getting YOUR LIFE back.

Just one of the (several) life-changing things that we will do in the 'confessions' workshop is to launch a calculated, all-out attack on (and  victory over) ...
    ...because it's YOUR LIFE (and your family's) that's at stake:

  We'll do some literally life-changing work; you'll leave the 'shop with something in your hand that can literally save your life: you will develop (with some seasoned help) a simple, well-planned, achievable personal written roadmap to getting UN-busy; i.e. getting YOUR life back!   :-) 

  You won't believe how simple and liberating it can be to do this, and yes, it can be done* - no matter what phase of life you are in now.

  Right now it might be hard for you to believe that's even possible. I didn't think so either. But trust me. I DID IT. You can too.
  And the good news is that...
it IS easier than you think! :-)

...and that's just ONE of the (few) things that we'll start DOING - in our quest to do LESS, yet achieve more.   His burden is indeed LIGHT! (...Who knew? ;-)

  Even if all you get out of the workshop is just the 'roadmap to free time'... then just that alone will be worth the trip. But there's more. (Like a truly abundant life...)


Probing questions
honest discussions.

In the workshop, we're going to ask some tough questions. Here's just a few...
  • What do we really believe (or not) - as proven by our own actions?    :-o
  • Why is it that our priorities (and thus our lives - as believers) look so different than that of the early disciples?

...and we're going to have some VERY interesting discussions, including:
  • What are the top 5 lies that american christians (and perhaps Americans in general) believe?
  • Didn't’ God kinda stack the deck against us with that whole ‘serpent in the garden’ thing?
  • What (not 'who') are the most formidable enemies of REAL, life-changing faith?
  • What are (by far) the 2 biggest sins of the american christian (and church)?
  • Is it possible to be truly 'fearless'? (Hint: YES ;-)  But, HOW?

Some of the questions/discussions will be done en masse, some in small groups, and some with one-on-one partners.

And yes, you WILL talk to strangers.
...but they won't bite. We promise. :-)



Trading in YOUR life...
(burdened? hesitant? restless?)
...for a truly ABUNDANT
and FREE life.
(POWERFUL. Exciting.
Confident. Focused. Truly FREE.)

What keeps YOU from the powerful, effective, joyful and fearless life displayed by the early disciples?
Once you know, you can 'trade it in'.
"Beauty for ashes"... What a deal! :-)


  Can a life really be turned around in ONE DAY?!
  YES. And...
it IS easier than you think!

The workshop also includes numerous encouraging and inspiring interviews of 'every-day people' (like YOU) who practice this (His!) lifestyle and are living truly adventurous and fulfilling lives - outside the matrix.

IF you want to.


  If this sounds interesting to you, then please click here to see our ‘workshop dates & locations’ page - to find where and when a workshop will be held somewhere that you can attend.
  And/or click here if you would like to get on our (eMail) mailing list; we will notify you when we schedule new workshop dates & locations. (or any other pertinent information)


"Hey, wait! What about the MONEY?
What does this thing COST?"

This will be done on a 'donation' basis; no one will be turned away due to lack of funds, so PLEASE sign up and come! The suggested donation amount will vary depending on what it costs to rent the specific location for each workshop. As of right now, we expect the suggested donation to be LESS than $18 per person.


We hope to see you in the 'shop soon!

Meanwhile, we sincerely thank you for your time.

© 2007-2013 Paul Andrews

  We have more 'conveniences' than any age in history. Think about it...
  ...For people 'back in the day' to go 20 miles, that was a full day's journey.  We can do it in 30 minutes.
  ...Light, hot water and fire for cooking are available to us INSTANTLY. We don't have to walk to get the water from the well, fill lamps with oil or gather wood.
  ...Washing clothes today takes an hour or 2. In other ages, it was a day-long chore.
  ...Washing dishes is little more than rinsing, then pushing a button.
  ...etc. etc. etc...

So - why are we
so BUSY?    :-(

We'll dig into this question in the 'shop also. (You may be surprised with what we find!)

  We will also discover that the simple practices that Jesus & the disciples lived by result in a life that is amazingly 'streamlined'; like having a roadmap that is already highlighted with the shortest path.
  When you finally have that 'marked' road map, the journey is much easier and more effective because all the 'side roads' that our society has (and perhaps you have?)  taken - are seen for what they truly are (unproductive) and can be avoided.
  In other words, less gas, less wasted time, more results! 

His burden is
indeed LIGHT!  :-)

"He has planted eternity in the hearts of men;
  yet they cannot fathom..."    (Ecl 3:10-11)


We would consider it an honor if you would join us for a few hours at one of our  workshops for an honest dialog - and corresponding ACTION ...
  . . .  NOT  more ‘preaching’!   :-Q . . .
...for what may well prove to be the start
of “the journey of a lifetime” for many of us, as we finally...

  • ...get REAL, ‘press the reset button’ on our faith experiences, go back to 'square one' and essentially re-boot our concepts of what faith really is supposed to be (and what it is supposed to do)...

  • ...participate - together - in an intelligent, awkwardly HONEST, factual, funny, historical, thoughtful, sometimes unsettling, sometimes gut-wrenching, comedy, drama, video and music-laced participatory conversation/workshop that is a no-holds-barred ‘look under the hood’...

  • ...bravely 'get dirty' - and honestly face what’s really up... with ALL of us.

In other words, we're not going to just "listen, watch and talk"; we're going to honestly investigate our lives & our beliefs (or lack of them) and start DOING the stuff that actually WILL make THE difference in our lives (and the lives of others around us) that Jesus talked about - and more importantly - DID.

    "... You mean, actually doing stuff?
    ...becoming people of ACTION, not just WORDS?
        Wow - what a concept!"   ;-)


  We are steeped in a culture that ABHORS questions; we want answers - and we want 'em NOW!

  In the workshop we are going to investigate a lifestyle that  goes truly counter-culture:
a lifestyle that ASKS QUESTIONS.
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